Pro7 Megablockbuster

In cooperation with with markus goles at creative solutions and the great team at sehsucht berlin, i created and directed new versions of prosiebens primetime movie labels blockbuster and megablockbuster.

client: prosiebensat.1 / creative solutions 
production studio: sehsucht berlin 
concept: markus goles, stefan sperner 
direction: stefan sperner 
art direction: markus goles 
producer: christopher lenz, konrad weser 
artists: christina agapitou, hannes denker, sven sauer, roman hinkel, florian raphael panzer, juan garcía segura, christoph strohfeld, alexander walker, david weidemann, sebastian wirbelauer, christian zschunke 
audio: michael fakesch 
account executive prosieben: anne-jacqueline wenisch 
category manager procurement unit production: norman ender 
project managment: mareike sauter

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